Another Holiday…

16 Feb

As an insanely busy Mom of 4, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by every crazy little holiday.  I feel like every time I get on the internet or turn on morning TV, there is another little “holiday” being shoved down my throat.  I’ll admit, I feel a little guilty at times. I’m not terrible about remembering the big holidays, but I surely can’t say the same about all of these small holidays.  I’m really inconsistent.  Celebrating each and every holiday always sounds like a great idea.  I always have big plans 3 months in advance to serve a Ground Hog Day themed dinner or plan a cute little Earth Day celebration.  But really??  Life just gets in the way sometimes.  Somehow, this Valentine’s Day, all the stars aligned and  I made it happen.  Decorated table, little gifts, fancy breakfast, personalized placemats, balloons & flowers and even a LOVE themed lunch.  Wow!  I think I rocked this one…

As the kids awoke on Valentine’s Day morning, the reality of why these small holidays drive me crazy occurred to me.  I re-evaluated if the grocery store trip for balloons at 9p.m. the night before and 4 hours of sleep was really worth it.  I had one kid mad about their gift, another sad that I only wrote 8 sweet things about them, last minute homework dilemma, wardrobe melt down, 3 fights, a barking dog, a spill and a too cool 2nd grader that was horrified by the themed lunch.  I couldn’t get them out the door fast enough! Barely keeping my cool, I finally got my 4 Valentines off to school.  I was then able to finally begin my day doing kitchen damage control before running to multiple class parties among hundreds of wild and sugar filled kids.  All I could think about was if that was fun?!?!  Exhausting – yes!

The crazy sugar and party filled day quickly came to an end.  As I sat in my messy kitchen while eating bad takeout, my kids reflected on their day.  They all decided the best part of the whole day was lemonade in champagne glass.  It shows me again how simple kids can be and made me realize that all my hard work creates a memory.  But next time, I think I’m going to skip the hard stuff and go right to the champagne glasses with juice!

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