Family Ski Day

21 Feb

I grew up skiing with my family.  I loved to ski as a kid and I still love to spend several days a year racing down the the beautiful mountains.  Like many other parents, I have this crazy vision of our entire family carving down the mountain in harmony.  All 6 of us, laughing and enjoying each others company on a beautiful powder day.  Just a thought.  For those of you who have tried skiing with kids or see other families attempting this task, you know what I’m talking about.  This is just not the reality.  There are two types of  kids out on the slopes.  First, you have that no fear, all out, straight down, X-games loving kid.  The over type is the dramatic, claiming to be frost bitten and dehydrated, crying, drama queen (or little prince).  There is no in between, it is one or the other.  This leads to one type of parent on the slopes with their kids…an exhausted parent.  My simple solution to not pushing myself totally over the edge is Ski School for the kids while I get in some real vertical feet.  We always end the day with a couple of fun runs together as a family.  Mom is relaxed, the kids skills and and confidence have improved, and everyone is happy (for the most part).

I have been lucky enough to visit many resorts in the Western United States while growing up and in my pre-kid life.  What used to make for a great resort is much different than what I would find now as an ultimate resort for families.  Bigger isn’t better and steeper isn’t the winning ticket for me.  The ultimate destination for me now must have easy parking (who wants to walk a mile while trying to herd kids) and a great place to have a leisurely mid afternoon appetizer and beer. These two things top my list and set the standard for the perfect ski day.  If I’m going to be really picky, having a resort that can offer nice wide runs for my beginners, short lift lines, and a great school make it a perfect 10!  Almost sounds to good to be true?

Yesterday morning we drove 30 minutes from Salt Lake City through the beautiful Big Cottonwood Canyon to Solitude Mountain Resort.  This resort is small enough to let your tween take a couple runs on their own, yet large enough to entertain and challenge the best of parents.  Great ski school, amazing food and drinks, no crowds and high speed lifts. Heaven!  After a full day and tired legs we walked steps back to the car, ended with some quick snow play time and called it a success for all!  The best part of all is that we tired them out…all 4 of them!

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