Olvera Street, Los Angeles

2 Mar

Being a California native, every year we take at least one trip out to Southern California to visit family and friends.  We have done all of the theme parks and beaches, but sometimes we are looking for something a little different.  Being a family of 6, amusement parks can get quite pricey and even we can get beached out.  I love to plan different adventures, where the kids will learn a little something and have a blast doing it.  Flashing back a few years, we decided to explore Los Angeles. We found a great Los Angeles vacation rental and set out to explore another side of Southern California.  One of our favorite adventures was Olvera Street in Los Angeles. Really, it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the beautiful California weather.  Great food, awesome people watching, live music, a great photo opportunity, and of course a cold beer on the patio.  The kids loved picking some special trinkets from the  souvenir carts and even learned some great history about one of the oldest areas of Los Angeles.  It was like a mexican vacation in an afternoon.  What a great day and a must do for our family again this summer!

Can this picture be any funnier?  Fake mustache, sombreros, ponchos, banjos, and a donkey…

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