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Father’s Day Bliss…not really

18 Jun

So to be totally honest, I couldn’t be happier that Father’s Day is over.  For some reason, yesterday at my house seemed to be extra crazy.  Considering that my house compared to most homes, is pretty crazy on a good day, Father’s Day this year was insanity.  Kids were wild, Dad was trying to relax, and even the dog seemed to be barking at nothing more than ever.  I’m not really sure why, but I know that holidays can bring out the worst in kids (even when 2 parents are on high alert).  Well, yesterday brought out th worst in all of us.  So I hoped yesterday to give my husband a little break…I would handle the meals, kids, and clean-up.  In reality, I couldn’t get a handle on it.

All my husband wanted was a relaxing afternoon with his family, to enjoy and celebrate his special day.  An afternoon of hanging out with his 4 amazing kids and minimal bickering would have been fabulous, but yesterday didn’t have the word relaxing in it at all.  The kids want to shower him with attention.  All 4 of them, all at the same time,  and things got competitive.  For some reason with the excitement of wanting to make Dad feel really special, the fighting seems to escalate.

We started the day with brunch on the patio and some incredibly strong wind that come from nowhere.  The winds were strong enough to rush us through our meal and chase napkins all over the yard.  Not really my idea of a relaxing brunch for staying up until 2 a.m. the night before preparing. Then the kickball game…after breakfast my husband said all he wanted to do was do play kick ball.  WTH?  Kickball I thought.  Instantly the kids thought the same thing.  3 people on each team, 95 degree weather, what?  So, kickball it was.  My guys got overly competitive, I got smacked with the ball on my arm, my daughter cried about her feet hurting (btw…sparkly Tom’s aren’t great shoes for running in dirt), and my youngest never got excited and flat out refused to play.

The day went on with a water fight in the house, one hand slammed in a door, my 8 year old ran away (he came back though), about 5,000 fights, 20 loads of dishes, and one frazzled Mom…get the point?  I knew I hit a low when I told the kids they could bathe the dog for pure entertainment purposes.

All in all, we survived.  As this great photo shows, Dad read a book and took a little nap.  He also got a little alone time (ok, so he had to go out for a 2 mile run in 95 degree weather).  On a positive note, I will say that we ate a few really yummy meals,  indulged in plenty of bacon, and ended the night off with a few mojitos.  But the truth is, I’m feeling a little guilty.  I don’t’ think this year made the list for best Father’s Day ever, at least not today.  I know we will look back on this crazy day and have fond memories at some point and some people even say that we will miss these times (although I’m not totally convinced).

Since we will be spending some time this summer in the tropical paradise of Belize, I’ve decide that I’m going to do Father’s Day over.  I’m going to do it right though.  I am planning to take advantage of 1/2 priced cards this week and stock up.  Make breakfast in bed for my husband and set out for an all day sailing trip.  Perfect day…kids will be happy and someone else will do the cooking.  Who cares that we will be celebrating our great Dad on a different day than everyone else!  Also, next year, I am going to plan Father’s Day right.  I think I will schedule our summer adventure around Father’s Day, since travel is truly my family’s happy place.



Mother’s Day…the Day After

14 May

I made it through and survived another Mother’s Day.  It always seems that the one day that is supposed to be about Mom, happens to be one of the most crazy days of the year.  It is the day that I really give up all control (well at least most of the control) and let Dad take charge.  He takes care of the meals, the shopping, the kids, and the clean-up.  So, I spent most of yesterday relaxing and resting.  I played around on my iPad and watched T.V. while my family lived life right around me.  I let the chaos escalate right before my eyes, since I knew that they wouldn’t dare ask me to clean it up.  At least not then, on Mother’s Day.  I can aways tell how much work, excitement, and energy went into the festivities of Mother’s Day, based on my damage control of my house the day after.  By the looks of my house this morning, it was a success. Today, kids are back at school and I have the house almost to myself (since one kid is home sick).  Now it is my time to conquer the mess and reflect back on Mother’s Day.


The morning yesterday started with “Fancy B” (a nickname in our house for a carb overloaded and sugar filled breakfast prepared by the whole gang).   The nearly 2 hour preparation, actually turned into a lunchtime meal that was enjoyed by all.  The kitchen this morning was still wearing a thin layer from the preparation process and was just the beginning of a day filled with excitement for my 4 young chefs.   We also enjoyed some sort of dinner concoction, where the inspiration  for the entree stemmed from a Man vs. Food episode.  BBQ pulled pork topped hot dogs anyone?  Sound interesting?  It was interesting for sure.  At least it beats the bacon wrapped sausage roll from last year, right?

My husband and kids cleared the table yesterday after each “dining experience” and kept the dishwasher running.  The overflow from the 2 meals and middle school Spanish cooking homework were just too much for our one dishwasher.  This morning the counters were sticky, the stove was a disaster, there was about as much grass & bark in the house as out in the yard.  I know they tried, but sometimes these things just get overlooked.  I bit my tongue and kept my cool all day yesterday (really tough for me).  Honestly, I was just really enjoying every minute of knowing that my husband and kids really couldn’t ask for my help.  I’d deal with the mess tomorrow, I thought.

Well, this morning I’ve scoured the kitchen, straightened out the office from tiny paper clippings covering the floor from homemade cards.  The disaster of the gift wrapping projects done by my kindergartener has been resolved and put away.  I spent some time putting way the 10 added “special” gifts (ranging from rocks to old books) presented to me from my same little gift wrapping guru.  The blood stains from the nose bleed, after the unsupervised tackle football game, has also been cleaned from patio.

I’m a pretty lucky girl to have a hubby and kids who take Mother’s Day so seriously.  I do have to say that the day after Mother’s Day is pretty great too.  I just love to spend a few minutes sitting in my clean & quiet house remembering the best memories of the day.  I can take it all in and reflect on the day of chaos and realize that I wouldn’t change a thing.  It sure feels good to know that I am loved, while I enjoy my clean house with hand picked flowers from my kids and a beautiful card from my husband.  I am starting to think that the day after Mother’s Day just might be the best day of the year.

Happy Leap Year!

29 Feb

I always recognize Leap Year, being that it is the anniversary of my 1st date with my husband.  It makes it easy to not forget this little milestone and I like that we only have to acknowledge it every 4 years.  Not a huge deal, just makes the day a little more special in our house.

Well, this year I had another motive.  A couple of weeks ago, for Valentine’s Day, I really went all out for my kids.  I even packed them a special themed lunch to celebrate the day of love.  The response was far from excitement (except from my daughter).  My second grade son was horrified and my youngest son even told his kindergarten teacher  that I’m really embarrassing sometimes.  Really?  They are little kids.  It’s not like I showed up to school dressed as a cupid!  I think they just need to be trained a little better…Happy Leap Year Kids!  I hope you enjoy your lunch…


Another Holiday…

16 Feb

As an insanely busy Mom of 4, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by every crazy little holiday.  I feel like every time I get on the internet or turn on morning TV, there is another little “holiday” being shoved down my throat.  I’ll admit, I feel a little guilty at times. I’m not terrible about remembering the big holidays, but I surely can’t say the same about all of these small holidays.  I’m really inconsistent.  Celebrating each and every holiday always sounds like a great idea.  I always have big plans 3 months in advance to serve a Ground Hog Day themed dinner or plan a cute little Earth Day celebration.  But really??  Life just gets in the way sometimes.  Somehow, this Valentine’s Day, all the stars aligned and  I made it happen.  Decorated table, little gifts, fancy breakfast, personalized placemats, balloons & flowers and even a LOVE themed lunch.  Wow!  I think I rocked this one…

As the kids awoke on Valentine’s Day morning, the reality of why these small holidays drive me crazy occurred to me.  I re-evaluated if the grocery store trip for balloons at 9p.m. the night before and 4 hours of sleep was really worth it.  I had one kid mad about their gift, another sad that I only wrote 8 sweet things about them, last minute homework dilemma, wardrobe melt down, 3 fights, a barking dog, a spill and a too cool 2nd grader that was horrified by the themed lunch.  I couldn’t get them out the door fast enough! Barely keeping my cool, I finally got my 4 Valentines off to school.  I was then able to finally begin my day doing kitchen damage control before running to multiple class parties among hundreds of wild and sugar filled kids.  All I could think about was if that was fun?!?!  Exhausting – yes!

The crazy sugar and party filled day quickly came to an end.  As I sat in my messy kitchen while eating bad takeout, my kids reflected on their day.  They all decided the best part of the whole day was lemonade in champagne glass.  It shows me again how simple kids can be and made me realize that all my hard work creates a memory.  But next time, I think I’m going to skip the hard stuff and go right to the champagne glasses with juice!